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Kenny Imafidon

CEO of Clearview Research and board member of multiple million pound charities

How I turned my prison experience into becoming a CEO and meeting The Queen

13 Jan 2021

Kenny discusses the moment he was arrested for a crime he did not commit, his prison experience, writing the Kenny Reports cited in Parliament and the press, creating his own business and meeting some of the worlds most famous people such as The Queen, Prince Harry & Meghan and Africa's richest man Dangote. Listen to find out more about his transformational story, moving from pain to purpose!

Not Your Everyday Podcast is about growing beyond your everyday without the need to ask for permission. I do this by sharing the real moments of growth in my guests stories in order to inspire you to believe you can do the same! I look behind the scenes of transformational stories to understand the moments of growth that is often not spoken about. Learn from theirs and execute your path. Subscribe and listen now! Click the link below to listen to previous episodes or check the podcast website for more details!

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Kenny Imafidon

How I turned my prison experience into becoming a CEO and meeting The Queen

13 Jan 2021

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